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Curious what your home is worth? In today’s changing real estate market it is difficult to keep up with the constantly changing value of your home. There are assessed values for taxes, appraised values for mortgages, on line estimates, neighborhood sale comparables. All of this information can be very conflicting and inaccurate. We work in the real estate market every day and have all the necessary information to give you an accurate idea of the current value of your home based on today’s market conditions. The market analysis is free and no obligation. Call us to find out the value of your home!

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Recently Added Listings

2995 86th Street SE, Delano, MN 55328

  • $1,200,000
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 4
  • 3988 Sq Ft
  • Single Family

2249 Lakeshore Point Drive NE, Saint Michael, MN 55376

  • $1,160,979
  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 7
  • 5818 Sq Ft
  • Single Family

2258 Lakeshore Point Circle NE, Saint Michael, MN 55376

  • $1,163,000
  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 5
  • 4969 Sq Ft
  • Single Family

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